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  At last there is a body of knowledge, which has opened us to the basic nature of ourselves with such depth and clarity that we we will never understand things in quite the same way again. Learning about the traits of our personalities, everyone in the beginning is surprised and amazed with the accuracy in disclosing the many nuances of our inner selves. Confidence in Socionics grows when the episodes of our close interpersonal relationships are accurately described. And then, as the benefit becomes apparent, we apply its precepts to our own lives. Socionics becomes an invaluable guidebook in the boundless sea of life. And being armed with the knowledge of Socionics and use of its axioms, we are less apt to make mistakes.

  Socionics gives the answer to the timeless question, who is the right person for me. A harmonious completion, the making of a single whole, is found in duality. Together with the person whom you are most close to, your other half, life will be more colorful and brightly glistening. in a way only duality brings. This unique relationship we call duality is best suited for the creation of a family. Other relationships have varying degrees of inadequacy. Often bringing disappointments, problems and suffering.

  We offer an opportunity to find a true soulmate in a relationship of optimum compatibility called duality. There are many other things in addition to duality that plays an important role in how you choose. Like common interest, education, culture level and mutual attraction to name a few. What you choose is up to you.

  In order to search for your potential partner or place your own personals add you will need to find out what your personality type is. We offer tests to help you discover which you are. After that you can go to our search page or you can join and place your own personal add. We wish you the very best in finding happiness.

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